An internship in Bali provides the opportunity for an encounter with a different professional thinking and practice. You will gain an understanding that educational practice unfolds in different ways in different cultures, as well as how educational practice reflects different social and economic structures. An internship abroad contributes to the development of your own professional identity, and you will get an insight into how educational practice can differ from what we know in Denmark, as it reflects the culture in which it was developed. At the same time, you will get the opportunity to develop international and intercultural competences. In Bali, there are internships for the pedagogical fields (including all three specializations), student teachers, social worker students, and AP service, hospitality, & management students.



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About Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island, but in many ways is completely its own. It is never far to the water, a lovely beach, and Bali is also called the Island of the Gods.


Check out our internship gallery! The gallery contains pictures of fun activities from former students. Here you can also find inspiration for your own internship.

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