Activity Catalog

Activity Catalog

On this page you can get and share ideas for activities during your internship.

The Alphabet

Alphabet review. The degree of difficulty is adjusted according to age. For the youngest, it can be a review of the different letters. For the slightly older ones, it can be the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. For the older ones, it can be to draw or write the letters and cut them out. For everyone, it is about knowing the letters included in their name and being able to spell it. 

Hold the Circle

All the children lie down on the floor and hang on to each other's arms., except one. One of them would start outside the circle, and they'd have to pull the others out of the circle one by one. Those who are pulled out of the circle must help in pulling the others out. The goal is to stay in the circle for as long as possible.

Up and Down

In Up and Down, all the kids start on a line. They must run to the other end, down the slope. Between them and the other line, a catcher will be placed. Everyone's goal is to reach the other side before running back without being caught. If someone gets caught, they have to work together with the catcher. On it goes until there is none left, and the catcher wins. Rules can be difficult to communicate if the children do not speak English. In this case, YouTube videos can be effective. 

Knock, knock, BEEF

Everyone stands in a circle, and one becomes "it". They would walk around the circle and knock the others on the shoulder while saying "knock" for each shoulder. When someone has their shoulders knocked, they have to say "STEAK!" before they and the "it" runs around the circle once. The one who comes back first must take the place in the circle. The one left outside the circle becomes the "it", starting the game all over again. 

På engelsk kommer det gerne til at lyde som “Onky, donky, donk!” :D

Shrovetide/Halloween masks

Depending on the season, you can make masks with the children. Cardboard in different colors and string must be used. If possible, you can be as creative as possible in decorating the masks. They can also be decorated with feathers and glitter when available. Otherwise, they can simply be colored. The shape of the mask is drawn on the paper and then cut out.

The King's Successor

One of the classic pastimes is the King's Successor, where everyone must imitate the one who is at the front of the line. Everyone takes turns to take the lead.

Cut & Paste

If the materials are available, cutting papers can be a fun pastime. They can be cut into animals or various kinds of shapes. Papers with various colors can also be put and glued together. This can also be done to create festive decorations for a holiday.

Give Birth to a Bear

The game is effective for younger children when it comes to burning energy. The game is about two children lying with their heads facing each other. The third should lie across them in the middle and try to fight their way out while the others hold on to each other. 



Some institutions have paper and crayons. Otherwise, it is cheap to procure. Let the children's creativity unfold, or set a theme or task for the children.


If the children are old enough and the institution allows it, then it can be arranged either to visit a pool, a water park, or the beach.


Many institutions have limited resources, so you have to think creatively. If you can find a stick in the room, then you can always start a limbo. It is often a hit among the kids.

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