AP Service, Hospitality, & Tourism Management

Are you studying AP service, hospitality, or tourism management? And do you want an internship experience abroad? Then Bali is now an option!

At present, you can apply if you are studying AP service, hospitality, or tourism management. 

During your education, you may have the opportunity to do an internship abroad in Bali. In most programmes, the internship takes place over 13-20 weeks in different periods with 37 hours per week (incl. time for written assignments). At your chosen institution, you will receive weekly supervision with a qualified employee from the site. Your tasks are determined in accordance with your learning goals and a contract is drawn up with the institution venue. 

Internship locations:

  • SOMA Fight Club (Sport & Event + Tourism management) — SOMA Fight Club is a martial arts-based training community that offers everything from team training for beginners to professionals, one-on-one lessons, fight events, retreats and a community for those who share a passion for martial arts 
  • Copenhagen (Café – Restaurant and Events) 
  • Clandestino Canggu (Hostel)
  • Savaya — one of Bali's biggest beach clubs that hosts the biggest events in Bali

In addition, you can find a lot of information on the website from vaccines, what to expect, a bit about Bali and much more. Please also follow @balifefoundation where news, useful information in highlights and much more are posted.

Do you have questions about the internship?

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